Percussion, Composition, Collaboration


Released by Chalcedony Williams

Welcome. Here you’ll see past current and future projects. I invite you to join – come to a concert, propose an idea to collaborate, send a creative suggestion, comment your ideas.

Right now, it looks pretty impressive. It turns out, my life as a musician is not the things this site says they are. I guess when I created this website, I thought the proper way was to put myself on a pedestal and sell that. In reality, I spend my days reimagining my purpose and trying to find meaning in each activity. Many days I struggle to find that meaning, but I’m determined to keep looking.

I believe in doing, not thinking.
I’m proud of many things I’ve done as an artist, and I’m glad I get to share them on here.

In many ways, my goal is to enroll as many people as I can into the concept that music is communication. That’s what I believe – I think it’s an incredibly powerful form of communication. Many things cannot be said in words, but can at least partially be described in music. That’s what I’m trying to do… as an interpreter, as a creator, as an educator, as a collaborator. Every project is a micro-reminder that music is communication.

“An extremely impressive percussionist… she plays with an amazing combination of technical mastery and riveting energy.” – Steve Reich