Pave the Way

When you see an icon the image connects you to all it encompasses. Coco Chanel is an woman who paved the way for an incredible number of people: defining class, fashion, beauty at a standard which anyone can appreciate. We think of her when we see her brand, a brand that contains an enormous scope, yet of such quality that no person would question.

Look deeper: her life was not perfect – she fought stereotypes, oppressors… she must have turned a blind eye in numerous uncomfortable situations. She worked. Success does not come without it. Yet now, we see her simple, timeless design, the visual que of a reign. In an incredibly populated industry, Chanel remains; she always will.

I wonder how she may have used her craft to help others. Clearly, she inspired so many young women, created a space for creative work which did not exist before her, yet I wonder whether she spent her days thinking about how she could give back all she’s earned, and searching for ways to do it. Still, there is no chance she could have achieved what she did without strong self-interest.

As I worked with Sam to put together my own brand; a platform to encompass all I do as a musician, we settled on a visual which represents the many sides of music-making, the potential for growth within a career, and a search for integrity through all I do.

The design is infinite, always ready to grow and contract: a metaphor for time, the space in which all music exists. We worry about the future of live music, yet it simply never will falter because of its placement in time: there is no feeling that replaces being present. Music communicates this more than any art form. It is an entirely different thing to experience a performance live than it is to hear or see a recording. Those fortunate enough to experience music live understand and always yearn for that experience. Curiosity drives people, and the constant development of music challenges that curiosity.

Who and what I am is diverse; everything I do defines me. The design for this brand shows the simplicity of experiencing as one individual and allows a potential for growth and variety that suits my diverse interests, as Chanel’s logo always has and will. Everything I do and will continue to do is a representation of myself; and if I hope to give back one day, then I will always aim to share with the world an honest representation of myself.

So many have paved the way for us already. This is just me, which is all I can offer. My brand is my definition of what I think is most important in life and in music. I aim to be and strive to be “communicating through music.”