Chicago, June 1 2020 (free download)
A response and contribution to the Black Lives Matter movement.
[drum set/percussive sounds, cajon/hand drum, glockenspiel/any melodic instrument] trio/multi-track solo

In Progress:

Corona Miniatures
10 solo percussion works, 4 solo flute, 3 solo oboe
flexible set/suite
online premieres ongoing, throughout May 2020
here is a video of Alex Smith’s premiere of “Paradox”

Just like the eyes
co-created with Shiyi Li
for Aisling Reilly
[electroacoustic double bass] solo
with single-screen animation


for Kyle Lutes
[percussion & loop pedal] solo
November 2020, exclusive until May 1 2021.

Borrowed Reality
for Christian Weaver
[mar/vibe] duo
December 2019

Minister of Loneliness
co-created with Shiyi Li, with vital contributions from Aisling Reilly, Mengxia Liu and Dingli Yang
i. series of failures
ii. within, without a26c
iii. you’re not watching your figure are you
iv. see me at my best
[double bass & percussion] duo
with triple-screen animation and live art projection (double projection)
exclusive, not yet published. November 2018.
iii. you’re not watching your figure are you – studio recording:

Content is A Strong Word
[open instrumentation] any number of players
guided improvisation map
November 2018.
email for score.
live iteration with drum kit, vibes & double bass:

Please email me for scores/interest: