Guided Improvisation – Improvising in every practice room
A clinic/workshop first presented at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester and Royal Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, adaptable to audiences of any age/experience. For percussionists, this introduces a way to incorporate improvised playing in traditionally classical settings. The benefits of improvisation are beyond numerous and nearly always encouraged by the best teachers: the percussion community is fortunate enough to have a wide range of solo repertoire suitable for study and performance that helps students and performers alike move off of the page and create their own music, without straying so far from the comfort zone of the performer’s experience. This clinic discusses a variety of practical options for including more improvisation in daily practice which can be catered to every individual, as well as introducing access and knowledge to repertoire that can emphasize both prepared and improvised music.

Private Teaching – Locally and over Skype
Percussion is incredibly demanding technically, because of the number of instruments we need to learn, yet learning every technique only scratches the surface musically. Taking a holistic approach to private teaching, Gloria challenges her students to be independent learners and creative musicians. Music is a language and only speaking it is not truly knowing it, so lessons involve practical and creative approaches, and a significant amount of listening is encouraged and expected. Nearly all students have an affinity towards specific areas within percussion playing, and a teaching approach to encourage well-roundedness while still playing upon the student’s strengths helps students progress quickly, motivates them to work hard, and fosters a continuous love of music. Currently, Gloria teaches at the Royal Birmingham Junior Conservatoire as well as Birmingham-based Services for Education. Please contact Gloria directly for enquiries about private teaching.