“Gloria’s curiosity and passion for percussion as a creative vehicle is remarkable and rare. Her contribution as a clinician, and performer, within a recent World Percussion Group international University tour was invaluable. I learnt a lot through attending her educational clinics and sought to share her expertise with my own University students, inviting her to present at the 2018 PAS UK Chapter Day of Percussion at Leeds College of Music.”
– Jason Huxtable (Leeds Arts University, University of Oxford, Maraca2 Percussion Duo)

I currently teach music and accompany dance lessons for Studio D, an arts school for all abilities, and coach percussion at Maranatha Christian Schools. I used to teach percussion for Sistema Ravinia, an El Sistema-based orchestral program providing free resources to Chicago area students. Before that, I taught at the Royal Birmingham Junior Conservatoire and for Birmingham-based Services for Education while residing in the UK.

I also teach online! Topics may include: orchestral, contemporary, world and marching percussion, improvisation, composition, career and project coaching, and more. I’ve taught students from the elementary through the collegiate level and am comfortable teaching all levels – beginners and professionals welcome!

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Authentic Expression
A virtual clinic given to Universities via video conference during the Covid-19 pandemic. This was primarily to spark conversation, out-of-the-box thinking, and to speak about programming and compositional pathways. I’ve taken the path less traveled, and it led me to very unique, creative, and most importantly expressive opportunities. I want to encourage and empower students to do the same; not to second guess themselves or feel like they have to satisfy a status quo. Telling your story is the most powerful tool you can have on stage. Most of these discussions led to a short group composition in the end, applying the concepts discussed throughout the session.

Guided Improvisation – Improvising in every practice room
Daniel Berg first introduced me to the bridge between notated music and improvisation, inspiring me to research this category and share it. The benefits of improvisation are prolific, and it is a practice encouraged by the best teachers in all specializations: the percussion community is fortunate enough to have a wide range of solo repertoire suitable for study and performance that helps students and performers alike move off of the page and create their own music, without straying so far from the comfort zone of the performer’s experience. This clinic discusses a variety of practical options for including more improvisation in daily practice which can be catered to every individual, as well as introducing access and knowledge to repertoire that can emphasize both prepared and improvised music.