Dreamerfly, & other stories

“Dreamerfly, and other stories,” is a 45-minute interdisciplinary performance combining multi-screen animation, live camera and contemporary/jazz music. It is a multi-sensory experience that explores human intellectuality, suspended in the fascination between what is real and what is fiction. Dreamerfly is inspired by a Chinese philosophy story, about a dream between an old man and a

Corona Collection: Miniatures

At the start of the pandemic I launched a miniature composition project and was positively overwhelmed with responses. A main goal of mine was to work with the individual and create works that reflect each person. I am incredibly moved by the stories people have shared with me.. nearly to tears. Thank you all so


Written deep in the pandemic, the intention is fully in the title. This work was commissioned by Kyle Lutes, and one that I struggled over for months (thinking and doing) until the concept came to me on an evening walk while listening to some of my favorite music (Jacob Collier). I climbed a hill and

Minister of Loneliness

Minister of Loneliness was my first venture into storytelling alongside visual artist Shiyi Li – a dear friend and long-term collaborator. Emotionally charged aural and visual stimuli combine to depict, through abstract yet honest lenses, feelings of embarrassment, low self-worth and compounding loneliness. It is an interdisciplinary project including live music performance, animation installations and