Minister of Loneliness

This piece is a response and personal reflection towards the recent appointment of a Minister of Loneliness, centered on a depiction of the hardships involved with moving abroad and integrating within a new culture. It is a musical depiction of true personal stories and general emotional challenges. It is a 21st century example of contemporary

Protected: Melodic Del├ęcluse

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Guided Improvisation

A bridge between classical practice and extemporaneous work. Just as an iPhone app or yoga instructor may “guide” you through your meditation, helping nudge you into the best practice but not doing it for you, these musical works allow the performer plenty of freedom to interpret and develop their own ideas, while still contained within

Corona Miniatures

Miniature compositions developed with individuals on topics of their choosing during the Coronavirus pandemic. A personal, artistic response to the situation. Participants, commissioners, performers… download the MaxMSP patch for “Mirror” here

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